Series 3


Episode 1

A super rare Reliant Scimitar GTC undergoes an expert recommission, leaving no bolt unturned. And a Honda CBR superbike from the 80s is in need of repair.



Episode 2

The team are on the hunt to restore one of the greatest names in motoring history - the Bugatti. But with a strict budget they settle for a replica.



Episode 3

The team take on a modern day fast Ford to see if a 'quick flip' could make a few quid and revisit a 3 year MG restoration project that's still not finished.




Episode 4

A 90s Alfa with electrical issues lives up to its stereotype and the team revisit a road roller, four years on. They also tackle a French motoring icon, the Citroen 2CV6 Dolly.




Episode 5

The Restoring Classics team take Derek's advice when he sniffs out the rarest car they've ever taken on - the last remaining Hillman GT.





Episode 6

The team lift the shutters on their biggest restoration to date in the shape of a Series 1 Land Rover. But does that mean record profit or history making loss?