Series 2


Episode 1

The Restoring Classics team pays tribute to mid-80s-Midlands by breathing new life into what was once the fastest production MG ever made - the Montego Turbo.



Episode 2

The team break with tradition and actually follow Dave Mathewson's advice on what to restore - he points to a 1992 Vauxhall Nova Merit Plus!



Episode 3

The team restore a 1988 Golf GTI Convertible - an iconic hot hatch - along with a wooden launch boat and catch-up on a Mk1 Austin Mini.




Episode 4

A super-rare Renault Clio Williams 2 in F1 blue with contrasting gold alloys has turned Dave Mathewson an interesting shade of green.




Episode 5

The team snap up a slightly saggy Seventies Saab 96, but despite a stunning restoration, could it result in a record financial loss when it goes to auction?





Episode 6

The team purchase a 1950's Austin Westminster rally car in the hope that seasoned competitor Dave Mathewson can win a race.