Series 5


Episode 1

Derek rubs shoulders with pop music royalty when he picks up a Morgan sports car, while a Second World War ambulance arrives at Thornton le Dale.


Episode 2

This week at the Mathewsons', there's a 1982 Audi Quattro and a Sunbeam Alpine. Plus, Derek takes delivery of a beautiful green Renault van, previously used as a bread van in Paris.


Episode 3

Derek heads to Scotland in the mother of all rainstorms to pick up a Jaguar E-type and a rare MGC convertible. Plus, Dave extracts a rare Austin Gipsey from a lock up.


Episode 4

Derek collects a Ford Thames 400E that once belonged to the pop band Edison Lighthouse. Plus, Dave heads to York to collect an Astra GTE convertible.


Episode 5

Derek picks up a rare Ford Zodiac Farnham Estate, while Dave heads for an isolated tent in the Midlands to collect a Triumph Toledo.


Episode 6

There's a surprise for Derek in Hull - an MGSA sports car that once had a tree growing through it. Plus, in North Wales, Alan Holmes is selling his son's Ford Escort RS 1600i.


Episode 7

A series of head-turning supercharged cars head to the Mathewson's auction room. Plus, going under Derek's hammer - a Ford Escort XR3 and a beautiful MGA.


Episode 8

Derek heads out to pick up a pair of beautiful Swedish models - a Saab 96L and a Volvo P1800ES. Plus, a rare British AC Aceca comes up for sale.