Series 2


Episode 1

Behind the scenes of a car auction business. A near-perfect 50s Chevy panel van and a very desirable low-mileage 80s Brooklands Capri tempt auctioneer Derek out of Yorkshire.


Episode 2

The team struggles to explain how a DAF 33 gearbox works, and office manager Sarah attempts to bring order to the auto memorabilia sale.


Episode 3

Anglophile Derek struggles to get his message across on a rare trip abroad to pick up a Bentley, while a well-restored Ford XR2 sets the auction alight.


Episode 4

Dave finds a very rare 70s Sunbeam Lotus that has been rotting away in a farmyard for 29 years, while a Morris Minor convertible goes under the hammer.


Episode 5

A delightful collection of British classics comes up for auction, including an Austin A35 and a Hillman Avenger Estate in stunning condition. An E-Type Jaguar also hits the auction.


Episode 6

Three MGs from the 70s turn up at the garage, still covered in original factory wax. Nobody can believe it, or value them. A Morris 1000 turns up at the auction along with a TR7 V8.


Episode 7

Three rare Alvises get the auction buyers going when put under the hammer. A Chevy Corvette which started its journey in Saudi Arabia makes its way to Thornton le Dale for the sale.


Episode 8

Dave gets a nasty surprise when he opens the bonnet of a fast Ford from the 80's, and an Austin Heavy 12 nearly a century old sets off a bidding war at the auction.


Episode 9

Derek, with help from the Mathewson clan, drag a mini pickup out of the barn where it's been for 20 years, and a 350cc Douglas Mark V motorbike from 1950 goes under the hammer.


Episode 10

Four VW camper vans pitch up at the auction house looking for a new home and Derek picks up an Austin 16 that "goes like stink and has some unusual modern modifications".