Cherished Number Plates

Frequently Asked Questions


We've tried to think of everything we get asked about buying and selling cherished number plates and put the answers below.

If you have a question that hasn't been answered on this page, please contact us.


The easiest way to assign a registration number to your vehicle is online at the website. 

You will need the Retention Document (or certificate of Entitlement) and your V5C.

You can't put a cherished number plate onto a 'Q' registered vehicle, where the DVLA are in doubt about the vehicle's age or identity.

A vehicle must hold a current MOT or heavy goods vehicle test certificate.

You can't make a vehicle look newer than it is with a cherished number plate.

You don't need to put a number plate straight onto a vehicle. You have until the certificate's expiry date.

We don't send you the physical number plates, just the retention document.

The retention document will not be in your name until you assign it to a vehicle that is registered in your name and address.

If you put the number plate onto retention, the document will come back from the DVLA in the same name and address as your V5C.

Completion of the Nominee details doesn't change the Grantee name on the document. The DVLA will return the certificate to its original owner.

No, this fee is paid to put the registration onto a retention document. You don't need to pay anything to put the registration onto a vehicle.

The buyers premium is 10% + VAT. Each listing will show the purchase price including premium.

Please send us an email to with:

  • A copy of your retention document
  • Your reserve

We will send you an entry form and request that you send the original retention document to us, ready for listing on our auction.

You need to sign sections 1 and 6 on the document.

Please don't send us the acrylic number plates - we can't send these on to the new owner.

You can withdraw your number plate from our auction at any time. 

We will post your retention document back to you by Royal Mail Signed For 1st Class delivery.


There is a one-off £10 listing fee for each registration entered into a timed auction. This will be deducted from the selling price or charged if you decide to withdraw your entry. 

There is no further costs as a seller.